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Bringing People with ALS/MND and Caregivers Into The Scientific Discourse

The ALS MND Patient Fellows Symposium Program helps people with ALS MND to participate in the largest annual symposium dedicated to ALS MND research.  The 2021 International Symposium on ALS MND will be held VIRTUALLY on December 8-10, 2021.

People diagnosed with ALS or MND  may apply for the program. In 2021 we are also reserving a fellowship for a caregiver and another for a non-symptomatic gene carrier.

The selection committee has a blinded  evaluation process to try to identify those applicants who will benefit the most from the science and then will share their Symposium experiences and opinions with other people with ALS MND and the research community.

The Fellowship includes:

-- Prepaid registration for the Symposium.  Information about the Symposium itself can be found at

-- A valuable experience with other people with ALS and ALS researchers from around the world.

The International Alliance of ALS MND Associations has graciously invited Patient Fellows to all of their meetings prior to the ALS MND Symposium.  These include the Alliance Annual Meeting. their Allied Professionals Forum. and ALS MND Connect.

Click here to learn more about the program from past Patient Fellows Gwen and Phil.



2020 Virtual
Seth Christensen - US

Jack Gray - US

Philip Green - US

Madeline Kennedy - US

Steven Kowalski - US

Anna Maerker - UK

Jan Mattingly - Canada
Kenneth Menkhaus - US

Cari Meystrek - US

Michael Robinson - US

Bert van Hoeijen - Canada

Erin Vierstra - US

2019 Perth
Ed Buckingham - US
Sunny Erasmus - US
Philip Green - US
Dave Healey - Australia
Jonathan Jenson - US
Gwen Petersen - US

2018 Glasgow
Sunny Erasmus - US
Keith Smith - UK
Bruce Virgo - UK Scotland

2017 Boston (The First Patient Fellows)
Stephen Finger - US
Andrea Lytle Peet - US
Meg Macdonald - US
Vic Walker - US
Sue Pondrom - US
Stephen Winthrop - US



Applications for 2021 are open as of July 5.

Deadline for applications is the end of the day on Friday, August 20.

The application is will be completed online.

To see a pdf preview of the entire application, click here .

Click HERE to apply.

If you are unable to complete an application online, please let us know using the Contact form and we will figure out another way to get your responses.

Click here to learn more about the program from past Patient Fellows Gwen and Phil!


Selection Committee

Sunny Brous
Bruce Virgo
Guðjón Sigurðsson
Aditi Narayan Minkoff
Carol Hamilton
Cathy Collet



In the past this program had been funded solely with private donations. 

We are grateful for the help of the International Alliance of ALS MND Associations.

We thank I AM ALS for assistance with program administration in 2020.

Special thanks to Dr. Brian Dickie and the MND Association for their consideration and support for the Patient Fellows program.




For me, living in an ALS body that's increasingly isolated, I start or tend to think of my experience as somehow mine alone. The greatest personal benefit of the symposium was to remind me of the breadth of research and global nature of what I'm experiencing personally.

Seth Christensen


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